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Highlights from the "Reddit Roast"

The South by Southwest session, "It's Reddit's Web; We Just Live in it," drew criticism from audience members, who say the panelists were too critical of the Reddit community.


  1. Expectations for the session were high.
  2. The panelists mentioned that Reddit declined to participate in the session. An audience member later suggested that they should have gotten an active Reddit user to participate. It's a good thought; if you're going to have a panel on a specific social media site, make sure someone on that panel is an active user of the site. 
  3. The first person to speak during the Q&A session was Alan Schaaf, founder of the photo sharing site Imgur.
  4. Shit gets real in the Reddit sxsw panel
  5. One audience member concluded:
  6. BuzzFeed's John Herrman said he thought the session went "terribly wrong." Here's why: "The best criticism of Reddit is that it can, on occasion, victimize people. Yet drawing attention to jailbait photos, creepshots and other forms of victimization — low-level, constant misogyny included — does not compel Reddit to look within itself. Instead, according to the site's most vocal proponents, it makes Reddit the victim. By accusing Reddit of making victims, you make a victim of Reddit."