North Vietnam Weather

When to journey to Vietnam From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh is some 1600km which provides some indicator of the country's


  1. When to journey to Vietnam

    From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh is some 1600km which provides some indicator of the country's size. As a result the elements in Vietnam ranges accordingto weather areas that are distinct. On account of localized environment distinctions you'll find no undesirable or good conditions to visit Vietnam. When one climate area is wet and cool another is dry and cozy.

    For this summary of Vietnam's purpose climate we’ll look at the place as three locations that are individual:

    North Temperature

    The North of Vietnam activities neat, wet winters between November and April. The summer months from May to March are dry and not cold.

    A pleasing time to visit is springtime (March-May) or fall (October-December). You will find extremes within the Highlands as snowfall sometimes falls within the winter whilst temperatures can be seen by the summer up around 40ºC. There is the possibility of typhoons between November and July. [Discover Weather ]

    When to-Go?

    When it damp the best time is from Sept to December. The elements spins moist and not fairly hot in January and this continues until March. The moisture can confirm oppressive from May towards the start of June and there’s a risk of flooding.

    Vietnam Temperature

    The South of Vietnam has a warm weather with , humid conditions that are hot making sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh Town incredibly exhausting for a lot of the entire year. With the highest rainfall results being registered by July to July, the wet voyage vietnam auchan season is. December to May is commonly hardly wet. Temperatures average around 25-30°C throughout the year using the hottest and most moist interval from February's end to May. [View Ho Chi Minh City Weather]

    When to-Go?

    November to April is the greatest time  to go to the south of Vietnam. You'll find brief downpours during the wet season from May to November nevertheless they have a tendency to simply last a short while to help you still have a visit during these weeks (just choose lunchtime when you seethe dark clouds developing). Extreme flooding can be experienced by the Mekong Delta during this time period producing journey very hard.

    Main Vietnam Temperature

    Vietnam's Fundamental Part encounters anything in-between south and the north using the rainy season in summer's weather styles. The central coast location is normally rather dry from May to Oct and damp from November to March. Highland places can encounter conditions that are snowy . There is the chance of typhoons between July.

    When to Go?

    December to March is an excellent time when circumstances are usually dry and trendy to look at the Main Highlands. We visited the region in late November if the temperature was gorgeous with hot nights wonderful and nice evenings. As we headed north towards A we'd several light showers. Along the main coastline there's a damp year from December to February. August to Oct is often sizzling and extremely dry.


    If you’re arranging a day at cover Vietnam all local plumber to visit is from October to November or from March to April.

    What do and to see

    Pond areas

    The stream areas on the Mekong Delta are an sight. Lifestyle listed here is dominated by the mighty Mekong and much of the almond harvest in Vietnam is develop, and the floating markets are still an essential part of life in the south. Get right up early to have Could Tho flying marketplace at its best. Better days many which have witnessed, a large number of wooden boats, take the finest vegetables and fruits. Through them reading the wares, smaller ships weave along with the day oxygen is stuffed with the audio of good natured bargaining over price..