Storify at #mozfest

@makoto_inoue , community partner of Storify, attended Mozilla Festival (#mozfest) as a Human API of This is his story during the festival


  1. Hi, my name is Makoto. I am a Web Developer based in London. I am a supporting member of Storify and help doing some data mining for Storify. In short, my job is to storify the storify! For this conference, I participated as a Human API of Storify 
  2. What is "Storify the storify"?, you may ask. Look at one of the work I did for Storify. When #SteveJobs passed, there were more than 140 different stories made on Storify, and many of them included same quotes. I did simple aggregation work to find "Top 10 most quoted Tweets". I bet #10 is someone you wouldn't imagine. 
  3. For me, Storify is the goldmine of interesting data. If you want to do some data journalism using social media (such as twitter), you need some infrastructure to handle "Big Data" and write a lot of complex programe to extract meaningful information. Enter Storify!! Storify is  "Mechanical Turk" for journalism. Many experienced and intelligent journalists curated meaningful information from various social networks, such as twitter, flickr, facebook, instagram, and various web sites. "Signal/Noise" ratio of information stored in Storify is very high. My job as a Human API is to introduce you how to leverage our info through Storify API. If you are interested, go to now!!
  4. Chess-playing Automaton
    Chess-playing Automaton
  5. Anyway, if you are interested in what exciting things happend at #mozfest, check out @sotirfydev stories I made during the festival
  6. And it was not just me storifying. Here is "Where are the mozfest foxes?" by @hsing
  7. Friday - Web Media Science Fair 
  8. At Friday evening, I was a bit late to arrive at the festival, and the place was packed! Luckily, nice people at @scraperwiki guys kindly shared the space with me. 
  9.  I was talking to many people almost non stop for 2 hours.  Thank you so much for all the people who came to our stand. Some people were kind enough to bring me a glass of wine because I was stack at the booth and could not get anything to drink. The best part was that some of the audience was explaining to other audience about how great Storify is and how to use it. 
  10. Saturday - Human API

    On Saturday, we Human API peeps got white lab coats from the organiser mozilla. Now do we look more professional?
  11. Morning - Data Journalism Handbook

    In the morning, I joined a session called "Data Journalism Handbook". It's a ambitious project to create a handbook about data journalism in one day. 
  12. Challenge: We need to assemble a utility belt for data-driven journalists! There’s increasing pressure on journalists to drive news stories and visualizations from data. But where do you start? What skills are needed to do data-driven journalism well? What’s missing from existing tools and documentation? Put together a user-friendly handbook for finding, cleaning, sorting, creating, and visualizing data — all in service of powerful stories and reporting. A group of leading data journalists, developers and others are meeting to kickstart work on the handbook. Read more. Hosted by: Jonathan Gray, Open Knowledge Foundation and Liliana Bounegru, European Journalism Centre