New Storify feature lists

List of new features of Storify


  1. Newswire

    - Once you sign in, home page shows the featured stories as well as "Newswire", all the stories of people you follow on Storify.
  2. Screen Shot 2011-10-29 at 17.28.21
    Screen Shot 2011-10-29 at 17.28.21
  3. Story Pad

    - The search and the editor sides of the interface have been switched to put a higher priority on writing your own text for stories. 
    - Photo searches are displayed in gallery format, and pictures appear larger in stories. 
  4. The New Editor Interface On Storify
    The New Editor Interface On Storify
  5. Collapsed Views

    - You can collapse the list of elements you quoted so that you can easily glance
  6. Bookmarklet

    - Extract only part of the webpage
    - Can search bookmarklet of other users
  7. Pull text from any site
    Pull text from any site
  8. And here are the various reviews extracted using the new bookmarklet feature. This part extraction is actually the killer feature for me.
  9. The new Storify makes it feel like you're writing a blog post and adding social media to it, rather than dropping a ton of social media into a stream.
  10. This is a bit different than the social network's approach. While Facebook feeds in news from external sites, Storify encourages users to manually bring articles into the network. In other words, by making them work for it, Storify hopes people will feel more in control of their content— which as we all well know, is generally the exact opposite of how Facebook users feel. 
  11. The system also seems more robust. I also tested closing a browser without saving while building this test Storify, which is all about the Guardian’s n0tice platform (the news group’s latest venture into hyperlocal which yesterday invited more users) and found my Storify had auto-saved.
  12. I must admit Storify used to be a bit cranky on the back end. The above changes make it a no-brainer for you to consider. It is really a must have for your event and a fantastic replacement for your Thank You Card.
  13. Storify is planning more features. If you have ideas, Suggest at feedback page