Black Friday 2010

The Yakima Herald-Republic's coverage of what happens during the traditional kickoff of the holiday shopping season.


  1. UPDATE 10:08 a.m Saturday. Today is Small Business Saturday, an event developed by American Express to encourage shoppers to spend some of those post-Thanksgiving retail dollars on local businesses.
  2. Comment by Inklings Bookshop owner Susan Richmond on the Shop Talk blog (
    Inklings Holiday catalog was inserted in the Herald today (Monday) and it has a great coupon! We don't have any gizmos at slashed prices for Black
    Friday sales , so we hope people will find the catalog before the
    plethora of ad inserts hit on Thanksgiving Day.
  3. In addition, here is some more coverage in today's paper on Black Friday yesterday, including a really great photo gallery from news producer TJ Mullinax. 
  4. Plus some local shopper reports from yesterday.
  5. Comment from Mark Sawyer on Shop Talk's Facebook page

    So I decided to check out Walmart this year for its midnight Black Friday sale. Last year, there was at least some order. This year, all the merchandise that was marked as "promo" and set to go on sale at midnight. Walmart let shoppers go through and pick through all the merchandise. By the time I got there at 11,
    everything was gone and the line stretched from register 1 (2nd exit) all the way back by the pop and back down the frozen goods back to produce. It was a nightmare. I would rather pay full price rather than deal with that zoo.
  6. UPDATE 8:47 a.m. Just posted a update.
  7. UPDATE 8:14 a.m. Associated Press reports solid crowds nationwide. (Via
  8. UPDATE 8:00 a.m. Target was the biggest line yet. Managers at the store estimated that about 650 people showed up by the time the store opened at 5 a.m.
  9. UPDATE 7:50 a.m. Sorry for the super late update. Ran into some wi-fi problems, so could not update until just now. Lots of goings on as you will see below! To make it easier, I will cover some of them here. Then do another update above.
  10. First we headed back to Old Navy and Toys "R" Us for an update.
  11. Next was Best Buy. We came there about 2:45 a.m. The line was not as long as that of Old Navy or Toys "R" Us, but people definitely were waiting. By the time the retailer opened at 5 a.m., many of the people in line had been waiting for 8+ hours.

    Also surprised that most of the people in front of the line were doing Black Friday for the first time. Guess if you go in, you go all in!