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Student Scavengers Hunt for Tweets at The American University in Cairo, Egypt!

On March 4, 2015 students from section four in the Multimedia Writing class were sent around campus to do 10 tasks and submit the results via Twitter. The process was rather nerve-wrecking (due to the time constraint), but the results were very interesting. Go ahead and see for yourself!


  1. First of all, we sent out a tweet the night before the hunt to spark some excitement.
  2. In this picture, I feel like my smile is hiding all the pain I am feeling from the tasks I am looking at.
  3. School spirit was conveyed by the AUC Student Union at their booth. I had no idea what was going on.
  4. One of the many perks of being at AUC is the variety of beautiful places to sit and relax in. This is opposite of SSE, the building for science and engineering.
  5. How has social media changed our lives?
  6. #InterestingFact: There is a student office in Abdul Latif Jameel Hall (BEC), the building for business and mass com majors, responsible for solving any issues regarding registration. Good to know!
  7. AUC gives students an outlet from academic stress through its variety of clubs and activities.
  8. So many clubs at AUC allow students to develop the skills that they acquire from courses. They also continue students' learning and prepare them for the real world.
  9. I once entered the sports complex while eating a sandwich. For some reason people kept giving me weird looks....
  10. Tarwi2a! This is a small cart on campus at the Plaza, which provides students with on-the-go sandwiches and beverages.
  11. Amr Diab was my inspiration for this pose. Check out his music videos and album covers, and then you will get what I mean. #FavoriteSpot next to Cinnabon.
  12. We are done. Can you tell that we are exhausted? #Freedom