Walker Communication Fellows

A curated tour through four-plus months at Audubon


  1. 2017 marks the second year of the Walker Communications Fellowship. This year's Fellows were Christine Lin, Rasheen Fountain, and Alana Phan. Christine and Alana were based in New York Headquarters, while Rasheena was based at Seward Park Audubon Center in Seattle, Washington.
  2. From left to right: Christine, Rasheena, and Alana at the 2017 Audubon Convention

  3. Christine Lin

  4. Christine and Rasheena at the Audubon Convention
  5. That time Christine interviewed hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy while filming the Audubon Mural Project
  6. Audubon Mural Project | Peregrine Falcon
  7. Christine also joined NYC Audubon at the Tribute In Light to help monitor the beams for migrating birds. She conducted a Facebook Live from the space on 9/11.
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  9. And would later go on to edit together a video for NYC Audubon.

  10. Christine worked with Alana to create several DIY videos, including this wine box bird feeder.
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  12. In addition to sharing on social, we sent this video to our under 40 crowd via email, and saw some great responses.
  13. Christine also identified that Audubon is eligible for the YouTube Affiliate Program due to our nonprofit status and the number of followers we have on the platform. This means we have access to their sets, cameras, and other resources for six hours a month. The equivalent monetary value for this would be nearly impossible for a nonprofit to self fund.

  14. Rasheena Fountain

  15. Rasheena interviewing Cindy Castañeda, Debs Park's conservation coordinator, in the center's native plant nursery.