One major step forward to my future self

My journey through my Design Enterprise module


  1. Right from the start of this module I was thrown into a completely new experience, one that paved a way to the real world and out of the little bubble I could have spend my time in at university. Floating along but not really getting anywhere, but after this semester I feel like I have direction. Looking back at it now, as challenging as it was at times I could not be more thankful.
  2. One of the biggest things this module pushed me to do was become social media savvy. I knew you could use it for self-promotion but never before had I even considered organising it, using it strategically. Since then talking to people even out with the creative field, all have agreed that it is the best way of making your way in this generation. I’ve started organising my portfolio to show online and secured usernames in social media websites to master each one in my own time.
  3. We started off the year with a task that I think it’s safe to say most of the module hadn’t experienced before. Interviewing companies…that right, we weren’t getting interviewed but conducting them. With my group we formed ‘JIGSAW’. The theory behind the name being that we all fit well together even though our backgrounds and styles could not have been more diverse. After extensive research and numerous emails we set up three interviews.
  4. We visited Lyle Bruce, Martin Naylor from The Touch Agency and Scott Witham from Traffic. After we sat down and put together all the information gathered from the interviews we picked up on numerous bits of handy tips we can now use in our design careers.
  5. Taking to people in the business you want to go into was a great experience. It had calmed my nerves about Graphic Design and had made me more certain that I was in the right field.
  6. Previously I had kept my work to myself and didn’t indulge in any creative community other then the one within my university. As vibrant as that one is it is nothing compared to all the vast amounts of things going on in Dundee city as a whole. I had never been aware of the events and talks that take place and all the opportunities to surround myself with new creative people. I loved the things I got involved with over this semester and hope to continue taking part in them past this module.
  7. Nothing will really compare to the Friday lectures though. All of them were full of inspiration but for me most importantly they were simply truthful. All of them were honest about the hard times just as they were excited about their success. Becoming aware of the hurdles coming up along the way makes you more prepared and willing to get through them.