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  1. The body needs daily too many nutrients and in different quantities, which is what the body needs child grows up in a healthy and sound.

    Consultant pediatric intensive care and neonatal growth and diseases and director of the specialized medical centers, if the body is in need of different nutritional elements, especially in children so that they can grow properly. News About Truth About Cellulite

    If there are elements are interfering with each other to produce the materials fed the body, and there are nearly 28 minerals, such as folic acid, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, needed by the body and are located most of those elements in the salad bowl, so eating a dish of power a day component of tomatoes - option - Arugula Pepper - lettuce - onion, maintains the child's body and dispense it from going to a skin doctor and eye doctor.

    The salad contains vitamins oxidation "Ante oxy-Dent" is ADEK very important for the body, as it works to prevent the appearance of wrinkled skin, plus they contain vitamin "e", which prevents the dissolution of the body's tissues, in addition to vitamin "A" significant so to maintain the freshness of the skin, hair and mucous membranes, it also helps to strengthen the vision, and increase bone density, strengthen teeth.
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    The child needs to calcium, in particular, where is the metal necessary to build the skeleton of the body, and build muscle tissue, and a higher rate of blood clots when bleeding, plus it protects every cell of the body, and with the progress in the ageless calcium absorption blood, so sometimes added in the form of dietary supplements and food with calcium exists in the dairy, eggs, fish, salmon, mallow, spinach, watercress.