Korean B-boy Crew

We inform you Korean B-boy teams' each style, stage career, recognition and their differences&similarities.we're going to break the news of World B-boy competition which Korean B-boy teams attend. Also We will add our opinion about their subjectional improvement and publicity activity.


  1. UK BBoy Champs 2012 - SOUL MAVERICKS vs JINJO (BBoy Crew Final)
  2. BOOM BOOM BOOM. The music plays loudly as the warriors of the b-boy world battle it out on the dance floor. B-Boy Wing from Jinjo Crew has the crowd in an uproar as he pulls off a spectacular freeze. For 15 minutes, Jinjo Crew and The Soul Mavericks go back and forth as they dance their heart out. The Mavericks group together as they perform a routine, and just as quickly, Jinjo responds with a routine of their own. The MC steps in as the DJ turns off the music. Time is up. Silence follows as the crews and crowd await the judges’ decision. 3…2…1… “Jinjo Crew!” Representing Korea, Jinjo Crew wins the notorious UK BBoy Championship 2012.

      Jinjo Crew is just one of the many crews that have represented Korea in the international b-boy world. Other crews that have been in the global spotlight are Gamblerz Crew, Rivers Crew, and Extreme Crew. Though there are many other crews representing Korea, our focus will be based on these four teams

  3. Jinjo Crew currently has nine members, with a few b-boys from other crews that participate sometimes. They grouped together in 2001 and became recognized in 2003 when they won their first competition.
  4. Gamblerz Crew, which branches from Gambler Crew, started out in 2004. They are best known for winning the Battle of the Year in 2004 and the R-16 competition in 2008.
  5. Rivers Crew were established in 1997, and they have over 15 members currently. They won the 2007 R-16 competition BBoy Unit Korea in 2004.
  6. Extreme Crew is currently staffed with ten members. They made their grand appearance in the international bboy world by winning the Battle of the Year in 2007.