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More plumbing problems for the Oakland A's

The A's are headed back to the playoffs, but one of the biggest stories of their pennant drive is the plumbing at the Coliseum. More drainage (and sewage) problems bubbled up Saturday -- a potential clinching day. Here's what players, fans and media are saying about the stinky mess


  1. Above is a picture from Minnesota Twins pitcher Glen Perkins of the visiting dugout at the Coliseum after heavy rain pounded the Bay Area on Saturday morning. The dugout mess appeared to be water, but sewage was reportedly flooding the A's coaches' bathroom. Catcher Kurt Suzuki told reporters the sewage was, "flowing like lava."

  2. It's been a busy week of cleanup in Oakland. Below, the bathroom in the A's dugout spewed out sewage four days earlier.

  3.  “Another Coliseum flub. That was fun,” reliever Jerry Blevins Pretty good coating on the dugout floor," -- A's reliever Jerry Blevins said after that game.
  4. "There's no carpet down there (in the dugout), so it's a little bit better (than June's mess), but it's still pretty gross,. It's kind of repulsive, honestly," -- A's shortstop Jed Lowrie

  5. In June, in part because of a sellout Father's Day crowd, a sewage problem forced the A's and Mariners to shower in the Raiders' locker room and chased the managers from their offices.

  6. The A's have made it clear they want out of the stadium and have pleaded -- with no success -- to Bud Selig to be allowed to move to San Jose. A loud segment of the fan base wants the team to remain in Oakland.

    Here's what fans are saying: