Know the types of available techniques and skin care-Melanie Addington


  1. Know the types of available techniques and skin care

    Waxing, razor, cream, or laser devices. Each woman has their preference and tips in the time to remove the leg, underarms, upper lip, groin and other body regions. What not everyone knows is that the method should be chosen very carefully, respecting the characteristics of the skin not to harm her, cause irritation or by jamming them.

    thick, ingrown and dehydrated skin are problems that bother those very women and even men, who bar beam frequently or have already joined the waxing.

    "Understanding what the best process and how to care for the skin time to remove temporarily or definitively by the is the first step to avoid mishaps" explains dermatologist Dr. Oleander Costa Palermo (CRM-SP 78723), director of the Brazilian Society of Dermatologic Surgery (SBCD.)

    The different methods As the review of Dr. Oleander Palermo, both hot wax as cold are temporary methods to remove the hair by means of traction. About 20 to 30 days after the procedure, on average, by grow again. "When they start to grow, they may have a local irritation and even folliculated, an inflammation in the output of the surface of the skin."