Beautiful Things


  1. These are the 4 most beautiful places on the TXST campus, well at least in my opinion!
  2. Of course the arch is on here, duhhh!
  3. You cannot call yourself a real TXST student until you have laid out on Bikini Hill in Sewell Park!
  4. Although we all hate to study, TXST makes it a little better by giving us such amazing views from the study floors!
  5. That walk to Jowers is a workout in and of itself, but if we didn't walk there we eouldnt be able to enjoy this awesome area! So i started off with my tweets then searched Twitter to see if some of my fellow bobcats agree with me, heres what I found.
  6. The thing I learned from these few tweets, was that i was completely right TXST does have the most beautiful campus on earth!