Long Beach boardwalk reconstruction begins after Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy wrecked the town of Long Beach during its path on between October 22-21, 2012. The storm was the most destructive and deadliest hurricane in 2012. The damage included the Long Beach boardwalk.


  1. long beach "boardwalk"
    long beach "boardwalk"
  2. Long Beach, NY Boardwalk Transition, part 1
  3. On April 27, 2013, reconstruction of the boardwalk began. The public is reminiscent while it awaits the beloved boardwalk to come back stronger than it was before.
  4. Others express their dissent about the $44 million project as many are still displaced from their homes.
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  10. More information about restoring the Long Beach boardwalk can be found here:
  11. The boardwalk will not be finished by the end of this summer. However, pieces of the 2.2 mile public attraction will open one at a time.