Use Facebook to Maximize Macy's Savings

Facebook has become the go-to social media platform for all of those who want to stay connected.


  1. Facebook has become the go-to social media platform for all of those who want to stay connected. However, smart shoppers also use Facebook to save money on Macy's purchases. They take advantage of the fact that sites like are linked to Macy's Facebook pages. Shoppers can visit them to a find Macys coupon, information about one-day sales, promotions, and more.

    Macy's Shoppers Begin With an Advantage

    There are several reasons why consumers still love Macy's after more than 150 years. The store is known for selling quality merchandise, excellent customer service, and Macys coupons upscale environment. Shoppers with Macy's cards get early sale notices and invitations to promotional events. In addition, the merchandiser is famous for holding friends and family, one-day and even surprise sales.

    Facebook + Macy's = Consistent Savings

    Smart buyers add a Macy's Facebook page to their savings strategies when they want consistent savings. That is because FB pages combine several benefits providing ongoing bargains:

    Direct links take buyers to Macy's online savings pages.

    After shoppers "Like" a Macy's Facebook page, the newest sales appear directly on their own timelines.

    Bargains include per cent off, cents off, and even free deals.

    Internet Savings Maximize Benefits

    Consumers are now harnessing the Internet to help them save money. Before going on a shopping trip, buyers often access sites offering coupons, coupon codes, and information about promotions. The saving sites, in turn, often make information easier to access by consolidating it on a Facebook page. Pages contain codes that can be used when shopping online and coupons that can be printed for use in stores. Many buyers have learned to combine their Macy's account benefits with sale prices, promotions, and coupons. The strategy often allows them to whittle the price of high-quality merchandise down to bargain-basement prices.

    Macy's has such a reputation for quality that many consumers shop there regardless of price. However, smart buyers have learned to use the Internet and Facebook to buy Macy's quality merchandise at bargain prices. They save on every shopping trip by having links to sales, Macys coupons and promotions sent directly to their own Facebook pages.