Storifys from MMC 6612, fall 2012

New Media and a Democratic Society: This is a compilation of all the Storifys that graduate students created, week by week, as a way of sharing the links and videos they used in class presentations at the University of Florida.


  1. Our course is named New Media and a Democratic Society. Students are assigned articles to read each week, and one or two students make a presentation in class about that week's topic. After the presentation, the students create a Storify to share the links and videos from their presentation. This is a complete listing for fall 2012.

    Here's the course schedule, which shows topics and readings assigned for each week.
  2. The first Storify was by me, the instructor, for the second week of classes:

  3. Here are the students' Storifys, in order:
  4. Week 5: Students watched the documentary Burma VJ. There was no presentation.
  5. (Updated Dec. 4, 2012.)