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Playing web audio offline on mobile Safari. Mission impossible?

Several people had asked me if it was possible to cache audio off-line in a web app using mobile Safari on iOS. I hadn't yet seen anything to indicate that this was possible and my gut feeling was that it wasn't. However I decided to find out for myself.


  1.  Twitter is a great medium. I often feel that as a remote worker it has changed the way I work. Today thanks to some helpful fellow Tweeters I was able to determine whether it was possible to cache audio in mobile Safari in double quick time. Here's the write up.
  2.  Bruce Lawson. Web Evangelist, Opera.
  3.  Robert Nyman. Technical Evangelist, Mozilla.
  4.   So the first port of call - the file api is out because it's not supported by mobile Safari.
  5.   Matteo Spinelli. Freelance Developer.
  6.  So the next thing to look at is storing them in the browser's database. WebSQL in mobile Safari's case.
  7.  Andrea Giammarchi. Software Engineer. Facebook.
  8.  Note the subtle error in my markup. Alas this is not the problem.
  9.  Turns out mobile Safari doesn't support audio as a data URI. A simpler example here :