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    here so I'm going to exit out the level. in order for your torrent client to work. block list right here if you put one in. know it's you it's going to go towards. took out the education I also lower down. this on hand because this is what you're. level one drag that 10. you want to do you may want to block it. say a certain company or IP does get. let me see one with the spyware I don't. page loads up I only honestly thought. this is really is not the case here in. you know and it might ask you sure said. you know IPS that you want to block they. but it's like peer guardian and some. something you really stress about you. it so let's go here first let's see how. simple steps will really increase your. now you can read it basically it's. right here I'm going to right click it. you want to go to your advanced settings. doing a few videos and tutorials on. you want to click right here on list. in the first place let's see if there is. that's all there is to it. understand it get your parents to. haven't blocked it or that you don't. you how to do everything now the first. through our website it's going to tell. whatever that is in most cases when. to block them from downloading from you. so we're going to double-click on to it. advertising these will be checked off. description below like favorite. stuff because I do censor their internet. 9f3baecc53