Unlocking social media marketing insights - 7P's in action

Over the past couple of weeks, I've used Storify to capture posts that caught my attention. The idea is to pick select posts and pull together a story that's relevant to my mission of 'socialising the corporation'. Anyways, here's my first go at it. Thanks for reading!


  1. In a traditional marketing environment, to be an expert in TVC's, PR and direct marketing would be a rare feat.  In the new media environment, being a multi-channel marketer is an essential skill set (7P's - Platform).
  2. Once you've mastered the channel, you need something to feed through it.  Content is the answer.  With the growing popularity of sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, content creation or best yet, content curation is quickly becoming a defining feature of social media in 2012 (7P's - Programming).
  3. Once you've sorted out your channel management strategy and the content that will bring your brand's channels to life, you need to start thinking about how you'll measure the impact of your efforts.  While not an overly 'sexy' topic like channels or content I recently read these two posts and thought they were worthy of your attention.  Especially since it seems like a lot of corporations are using Net Promoter Score to track their results of their 'customer centric' strategies (7P's - Performance).