World War II Outcomes

Important outcomes of World War II included the Marshall Plan, the Korean War, the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, NATO & The Warsaw Pact, and finally the separation of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.


  1. "Mashall Plan Packaging"
  2. The Marshall Plan was an attempt to get Western Europe back on its feet following World War II and the destruction it caused. The United States raised over 12$ billion dollars to rebuild Europe as well as gave American goods a market in western Europe. This label summarizes the Marshall Plan's goals and major players.
  3. "Marshall Plan Aid To Europe, 1948-1952"
  4. This image shows that little to no money went to the Soviet Union. Although some considered sending aid to the Soviet Union, the distrust that lay between the US and the Soviet Union prevented cooperation between both countries.
  5. "General Marshall"
  6. General Marshall, who provided the idea for the Marshall Plan, received a Nobel prize for peace. Although historians disagree on the precise impact of the Marshall Plan, it was a large-scale humanitarian effort which established US foreign aid programs, which continue today. As you can see from the above image, Marshall was the only general to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

  7. "The 38th Parallel"
  8. The Korean War began when North Korean troops, backed by the Soviet Union, crossed the 38th parallel and began to invade South Korea, which was allied with the United States. After the rise of Hitler, the US wanted to respond quickly to a possible threat, especially one which was seen as communism verses democracy. This picture shows how arbitrary the 38th parallel was.
  9. "Kim Il-Sung Speaking"
  10. In North Korea, Kim Il-Sung ruled in a Stalinist regime and had an army called the North Korea Peoples' Army which was equipped with Russian tanks. South Korea was controlled by an American-backed president with a light military lacking tanks of heavy combat technology. It was, in a sense, a trial run to see who would win in a real war, the Soviet Union or the United States. This image of Kin Il-Sung speaking shows he was a confident leader.
  11. "The Korean War Ends"
  12. Eventually, this civil war with foreign involvement ended in a stalemate as UN forces pushed back North Korea, the Soviet Union, and Chinese forces who had joined. Although South Korea rebuilt after the war, North Korea's dictatorship is still present and they are only now beginning to reach out from their isolation. This newspaper provides a date for the end of the Korean War, as well as a few other events happening at the same time.

  13. This video provides an excellent summary of the Berlin Wall, along with some stunning visuals. Berlin was split into four sectors following World War II, with the eastern half occupied by the Soviet Union. Fearing people would defect to West Berlin, they build a massive wall that for many was a symbol for the Cold War.
  14. "Berliner Mauer" (Berlin Wall in German)
  15. This photograph of the Berlin Wall shows the No Man's Land on the East Berlin side, and the colorful graffiti and sidewalks on the West Berlin side. East Berlin's living conditions were vastly different from West Berlin's, because the Soviet Union saw the city as spoils of war, so they removed factory equipment and other things and brought them to the Soviet Union.