#HASlibcamp 23/04/16

Health and science library & information science unconference hosted by #citylis, at City University London, on 23/04/16


  1. Here is a collection of content from Twitter, tagged with HASlibcamp. This tag refers to posts about an unconference for health and library information professionals, which was hosted by citylis at City University London on 23rd April 2016.
  2. The content is shown in three sections in chronological order: posts before, during and after the event. Pretty much everything with the hashtag has been collected here, over 500 Tweets. A few spam posts have been removed. The last entry collected was on Thursday 12th May 2016.
  3. The main HASlibcamp website has more information, and a page listing blog posts about the day. Below is a link to the event announcement at City.

  4. #HASlibcamp - background