Anywhere you are supposed to go in Marrakech


  1. In case a dry, hot and ungrateful city to see during summer is that which you think about Marrakech, then you should probably think it once again. To the eyes of the visitors, this North African city appears as a great emerald surrounded by red clay, due to the fact that its green spaces abound. Any decent tourist guide should mention the wonderful gardens of Majorelle, Menara, Jdid, El Harti, Agdal, Koutoubia, Mamounia and, of course, the Palmeraie. But besides these famous ones there are countless other gardens and parks in popular neighborhoods that equally pleasant and well cared for.

    Must book an apartment Marrakech, and for anyone living in Marrakech it is very important to be surrounded by plants and, very often, unused plots are changed into little flower and good fresh fruit gardens also used as meeting places and relaxing spots. Sometimes these parks, created by popular initiative, are cared for the neighbors themselves or by someone paid by them. At sunset, after the prayer, gardens refill with life. Kids run around, teenagers play their favorite sports -namely football and acrobatics-, and women rest sitting on the grass, underneath the shadow of olive and palm trees while chatting animatedly.

    One must remember the fact that, traditionally, women are not welcome in the cafés, for them to usually be found in the gardens and parks. Furthermore, green spaces are very much frequented by old those who play cards and draughts or simply speaking frankly about their grown-up stuff. Local parks, those who are not mentioned in tourist guides, people with no huge flowerpots painted indigo blue nor signs indicating the specific species of cactus, are certainly the absolute most lively. But this is no reason to avoid visiting classics such as the Palmeraie, a natural forest of palm trees situated in the outskirts of Marrakech that, despite having seen its area reduced dramatically because of the construction of villas, restaurants and luxury hotels, is still a genuine paradise which should not be missed.

    The majorelle Gardens are also especially beautiful. Located right in the city centre, with quick access in taxi or walking from Gueliz or the medina, this gardens were designed by Jacques Majorelle and finally acquired by Yves Saint Laurent, the famous French fashion designer, who restored it and opened in it a Moroccan crafts and posters museum. The entrance fee is 30 dirhams (3 approx.) and 10 dirhams to go to the museum. A visit to the Menara Gardens can be quite indispensable, especially its pavilion, dating from the 12th century, which was used to store water, and its own large pond that acts as a mirror of the sunlit Atlas Mountains.

    So if you desire to relax and revel in a quiet and placid holiday surrounded by parks, gardens and fresh and blooming green spaces, Marrakech is the perfect destination. The Ochre City not only offers culture and a fascinating tradition, monuments and countless places of interest, but also innumerable commons in countless shades of green. Find this