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LSU Football's Harlem Shake — Les Miles starts trending

Les Miles: got more moves than that Johnny Travolta fella .


  1. All was quiet on the LSU front yesterday afternoon. The women's basketball team was about to learn where it stood in the NCAA Tournament, but other than that nothing really new happened.

    That was until LSU coach Les Miles decided to drop this little bomb on the twitter. 
  2. Ballgame, internet. You lose. Les Miles wins. 
  3. You can watch the whole thing, but LSUfreek captures the important aspect in a gif.
  4. LSU Football Harlem Shake
  5. Sports Illustrated writer Stewart Mandel summed up how just about everybody felt about the video. 
  6. LSU was, after all, about a month and a half late on the internet fad. But when it involves LSU's prized goofball/national championship-winning coach, it's impossible to resist.
  7. Some took a cautious approach, warning people that it existed but feeling it wasn't the proper thing to do to link yet another Harlem Shake video. 
  8. Les was the obvious star of the video, prompting one Baton Rouge sportswriter to make a bold claim.
  9. All in all, Miles seemed to get positive reviews.