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LSU coach Les Miles opens himself up for questions on Twitter

The best of the best from the #AskLes pool.


  1. After going through ESPN's Car Wash this morning, Les Miles opened himself up to a flurry of questions with this 12-word tweet. For those wondering why he didn't tweet afterward, Miles was responding from Sportscenter's account, which he probably commandeered without asking. 
  2. Some of the questions from around Twitter were predictably incredible -- though a surprising number of them were concerning Miles', uh, relationship with his predecessor Nick Saban.
  3. A Saban parody account even jumped into the fray. 
  4. Others wanted to know what the Mad Hatter did in his free time, whether he'd spend that free time with them, and his general opinion on important societal matters.
  5. I think we all need to know the answer to whether he's ticklish. 
  6. Nice SNL reference here.
  7. Others asked for Miles' opinion in their own personal matters.
  8. This one had me laughing.