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I Mustache — is this necessary?

Twitter exploded Monday afternoon when LSU players became available to the press. Why? LSU's junior quarterback shaved his lip tickler off. Here was some of the best reaction by local media and fans.


  1. This may have been the most telling tweet. 
  2. Solid analysis from Jon Cooper. 
  3. Mettenberger knew that his mustache was having an adverse effect on the team, apparently.
  4. Kevin was one of the first people to understand the gravity of the situation.
  5. Brienne understood, as well. This is huge.
  6. Now we're going to start getting into the ramifications of Mettenberger sans stache.
  7. We're all sad, Patrick. I think.
  8. Much too quickly, in my opinion.
  9. It really was the only way to bring in the fall. Well played.