1. Come across this link recently? Remember that this post is SEVERAL MONTHS old and contains OUT OF DATE information. It was written in the midst of all that was happening. Many parts of it are no longer accurate. If you do share this link, please share it with this disclaimer.

  2. The first thing that happened was Seph, in his position at the time as project leader, put out this tweet (and a corresponding forums post):
  3. To which the response from jeb was:
  4. And Dinnerbone pitched in:
  5. To which Seph replied:
  6. And Dinnerbone clarified the status of Bukkit:
  7. Dinnerbone and Grum quickly regained control over all the various properties of Bukkit - being granted admin on the forums (thanks Curse for your quick response!), having founder on the IRC channels transferred and getting the credentials for the Twitter account.
  8. That's essentially where we are now - Bukkit is going to be updated for Minecraft 1.8. The immediate future is clear.