Izumi Sasaki

It me, Izumi! (not slismcom). Actually my real name is Izumi Sasaki. You might have guessed or read it written all over my profile that I’m from Japan. Earthquaking people~ You are right, real hard name to read. How do you say you’re your name? Don’t worry, I get this so much I am pretty much an expert. Don’t worry about it, call me, “E-zoo-me.”

Patricia Prado

I'm a designer fall in love with data, information design, marketing and journalism. In here, i'll try to store all that information.


Colleen Travis

Music lover. Hipster-friendly zombie evangelist. Typical entrepreneur. Certified student.

Stern Alexander

Love developing interesting software solutions, writing for the web and internet sites and blogs development. Also very interested in understanding and helping people get better and have better life.

Doctor Owen Harper

-- compilation of RP stories and tweets, PDF versions of Storify archives, and complete verse listings at http://sites.google.com/site/torchwooddoctor565/ -- Storify files generated from Twitter lists and replies with Owen_Harper and group members in multiverse RPs -- (AU multiverse RP account, fictional continuity, writer is not affiliated with the BBC. Some tweets contain 18+ RP or explicit content.) -- Torchwood medical officer, shot and brought back without being alive, then restored to living form. RP -- team on Twitter -- (RP Verse 1) -- @CaptJackHarkne1 @Gwen_Cooper @RhysTheRant @QuietTechieTosh @Owen_Harper @LadyStaceySmith @LadyAnaMarSmith @DaynaLGarlick @SterblichEin -- Current RP collected in "Torchwood Three" on Storify, First RP in "Resurrection" -- compilation of RP stories and tweets, and complete verse listings at http://sites.google.com/site/torchwooddoctor565/ -- (RP Verse 2) -- with @LadyTorchwood --RP 3: alternate profile: @TorchwoodDoctor (with @LadyTorchwood)

stacia l. brown

stacia teaches, writes, and advocates for black single mothers. she's also the founder and host of Beyond Baby Mamas (@beyondbabymamas).


Making the web tell a story. Sorting through the noise to find the voices online that matter. Co-founded by @burtherman and @xdamman