Learning about Tea Oxidation with Ken

I'm going to my first real teahouse tomorrow for tea, which is both exciting AND scary. Ken decided I needed some prior knowledge about the tea I'm going to be trying.


  1. Tomorrow, because Ken makes it sound delicious and I'm easily led like a bull with a ring through its nose, I'm trying Oolong for the first time.

    In my blog comments today, Ken said, " I feel like I should tell you more about Oolong before you go there. It won’t change the way it tastes, but it might make it easier to understand the difference between Oolong and green (or even black) tea." I was stuck at work at the time, and Ken is ALL THE WAY IN GERMANY, so our sleeping and awake times don't match up so much. Well, they DO, but I'm most awake when he's the most asleep. It's my least favorite part of our bon-vivanty friendship. Don't worry, I like the rest of it very much.
  2. (Cheese-dreams is when Ken sleeps. It's a thing. Just pretend you understand and nod and smile.)

    Ken obliged. He's very obliging. It's one of the things I like the MOST about our bon-vivanty friendship.

  3. Like with BOMBS.
  4. One of my favorite perfumes is Bvlgari au Thé Blanc. I am secretly in love with white tea, even if I've never tasted it and probably wouldn't like it if I tried it.
  5. Poor Ken. He's been talking to himself for a while at this point. I was still stuck at work. It was a loooong day. Blergh.
  6. Whew! 6pm hit and I was FREE.
  7. Heh. Now we're playing with fruit. I like apples. This is fun.
  8. This is Dave. Hi, Dave!
  9. Granny Smiths are my favorite. Because if they're good, they make your mouth pucker. I like that.
  10. Oh, shit. Pretend you didn't see that. I NEVER LOOK AT MY PHONE WHEN I'M DRIVING PO-PO MEN.