Design Enterprise 2015

My journey throughout the Design Enterprise Module.


  1. “Being enterprising puts you in control of your life.” was some of the first advice I took from this module. As the module progressed I figured that it wasn’t just a university module that had to be passed and once it was over, left behind. But the knowledge I gained would follow me after university and provide an insight into the bigger world of business.
  2. At the beginning of the module I made a conscious decision to read as much as I possibly could throughout the semester. The books were filled with lots of inspiring advice and provided an understanding of what it means to be a creative working in a business environment.
  3. A little bedtime reading 馃摎 #desent15
    A little bedtime reading 馃摎 #desent15
  4. During the module we were expected to use social media in a professional and focused way. We were encouraged to use Twitter and develop a professional online identity. Being on Twitter and following the right people keeps you in touch with opportunities and developments as they happen. It was important to tweet about the things we found interesting and build professional creative relationships.
  5. Each Friday, we had lectures, there was never a week that I didn’t leave the lecture room without feeling inspired, with rich knowledge and useful advice from creatives. You could sense the real passion and determination that each speaker had. I especially loved the advice from Joanna Montgomery. Lesson 10: “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no less of enthusiasm.” In other words, if you want something bad enough don’t let failure stop you from achieving what you want!
  6. It was an insightful look into other people’s creative journeys. People that were once at the same stage as me and understand the difficulties of setting up your own business. Hearing them share their stories, successes and failures they’ve had to overcome along the way proves it’s not easy. However, if you have drive, passion, and determination, I’ve learned you can achieve anything you want!
  7. I attended as many external events and talks as I could, to gather insights of creative successful businesses. I attended the V & A 'Design in Motion' lecture, 'How Design Can Change A City' and Enterprise Gym lectures. I was also involved in organising Dundee's Global Service Jam.