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Options for Managing Animal Mortalities

No farmer or ranch likes to lose an animal, but the need to dispose of livestock or poultry carcasses is an inescapable part of farming.


  1. Why Is It Important to Manage Animal Mortalities Properly?
  2. FAQ(v): Why is proper livestock disposal important?
  3. What Are the Options for Animal Mortality Management?
  4. FAQ(v): What are some common animal mortality disposal methods?
  5. Why Is Abandoning Animal Carcasses NOT Recommended?
  6. FAQ(v): Why should animal carcasses be properly disposed of and not abandoned?
  7. Animal Mortality Composting
  8. FAQ(v): What is animal mortality composting?
  9. Burial of Dead Animals
  10. FAQ(v): Is Burial an Option for Managing Animal Mortalities?
  11. Rendering Animal Mortalities
  12. FAQ(v): Can I use rendering as an option for livestock mortalities?
  13. Incineration For Managing Animal Mortalities
  14. FAQ(v): Can I use incineration as an option for livestock mortalities?
  15. Land Fills As An Option for Animal Carcasses
  16. FAQ(v): Can I use landfills as an option for livestock mortalities?