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Composting Animal Mortalities

One option for managing livestock or poultry carcasses is composting. What are some of the most frequently asked questions when people first consider composting dead animals?


  1. What Is Animal Mortality Composting?
  2. FAQ(v): What is animal mortality composting?
  3. Why Should I Consider Composting Animal Mortalities?
  4. FAQ(v): Why should I consider composting livestock mortalities?
  5. How Long Does Animal Mortality Composting Take?
  6. FAQ(v): Approximately how long does livestock or poultry mortality composting take?
  7. Economics of Composting Livestock Mortalities
  8. FAQ(v): How much does livestock mortality composting cost?
  9. What Are the Materials Needed for Composting Livestock or Poultry Mortalities (C:N Ratio, Moisture, etc.)?
  10. FAQ(v): What are the necessary materials for composting livestock mortalities?
  11. What Carbon Source Should I Use For Composting Livestock Mortalities?
  12. FAQ(v): What carbon source can I use to compost animal mortalities?
  13. When Should You Turn a Compost Pile Containing Animal Mortalities?
  14. FAQ(v): How do you know when to turn the livestock mortality compost pile?
  15. Will Odors Be a Problem When I Compost Animal Carcasses?
  16. FAQ(v): Is odor a concern when composting livestock mortalities?
  17. Will Scavengers Be a Problem When I compost Animal Carcasses?
  18. FAQ(v): Are scavenger animals a concern when composting livestock or poultry mortalities?
  19. Can I Compost Dead Animals In the Winter?
  20. FAQ(v): Can you compost livestock or poultry mortalities in the winter?
  21. What Temperatures Are Required for Pathogen Kill When Composting Animal Carcasses?
  22. FAQ(v): What temperature is required for pathogen reduction in an animal mortality compost pile?
  23. Do the Bones Break Down When Composting Carcasses?
  24. FAQ(v): Do the bones break down? If not, what should I do with them?
  25. Should I Add Water When Composting Animal Carcasses?