Life is important for proper brain function


  1. In order to determine whether there is also a relation between the amount of DHA in the body (as measured in the phospholipids in blood), and the function of the middle-aged brains researchers have blood collected from 280 healthy volunteers aged 35 to 55 years. All subjects had no psychiatric complaints and took no oil supplements.
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    Subsequently, all subjects were subjected to a comprehensive test that assesses various brain functions. In the blood levels of various omega-3 fatty acids (alpha- acid (ALA), acid (EPA) and acid (DHA) determined) were It was found that higher concentrations of DHA was accompanied in the phospholipids in the blood with better performance in the tests. No association was found between the amount of ALA, EPA and the functioning of the brains

    These results show that sufficient intake of DHA, even after the first years of life is important for proper brain function.

     Omega 3 fatty acids play bitches an important role in the prevention of inter alia
    cardiovascular diseases, diseases with acute or chronic inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, neuropsychiatric disorders, aging of the eye, maintaining healthy bones, immune response and allergy, metabolic syndrome and type 2, asthma and hay fever, diabetes, etc.  The question is, we should get from fish or other sources. We ignore animal suffering because scientific studies show that we need this?