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Modern culture in microcosm - a sociological survey using the medium of tweets sent by vacuous public figures

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  1. Like many people I mainly spend my time on twitter watching celebrities being stupid. To aid me in this laudable objective I have set up a number of twitter lists where I gather celebrity tweets in one useful place. I have a list of Micky Flanagan fans, for example, which comprises a list - primarily of celebrities - who look like they probably like Micky Flanagan.

    My principal list is the list of vacuous public figures which, as the name implies, includes the tweets of public figures who are vacuous. The list comprises the loose droppings of the detritus of modern life, a microcosm of everything that is wrong with today. It is the sort of stuff that a future chronicler will use in his or her history of the decline and fall of celebrity culture. This evening the list was enlivened by three of the principal willy wavers of the modern age, engaging in a heated discussion about who was best.