Pinterest For Journalists

Graduating journalism students are being asked by editors to go to interviews armed with exclusive stories and ideas, so new journalists need to harness all sources of news. Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are a given but the time has come to look at Pinterest too.


  1. How to Use Pinterest
    How to Use Pinterest
  2. Pinterest is all about gorgeous images where people share their photos and graphics with followers. For journalists anywhere people are gathering and sharing ideas there are stories to be had. So join the pinners and see what's going on - and grab the opportunity to show case your own pictures and interests while you're at it.
  3. Pinterest is catching on in a huge way -- users say it's addictive.
  4. Here's the bit journalism students should be interested in.
  5. It's all about engaging with your reader. Anyone who has taken an NCTJ reporting exam recently will know all about that...
  6. You will need an invite from Pinterest to get started. it's easy, just go to the Pinterest website and fill in your email address. Below is a tutorial on getting started -- there are lots to choose from on YouTube. Happy pinning!