Getting Started With Storify

Storify lets you to turn what people are posting on social media into stories. It allows you to get your story out to your followers and gives you an online presence. Follow these steps to get started.


  1. Sign into with twitter, then edit your profile if you want it to be different to your twitter profile. Click on create story. This lets you pull content from twitter, facebook, You Tube, Google etc or you can use the embed URL link to pull in other material. If you know the site you want to use copy and paste the URL. Give your story a title and add text. Once you have finished, you can tweet individual posts and publish your story to chosen sites such as twitter, your blog or Facebook. 
  2. More and more news sites are using Storify to capture reaction and highlight interesting discussions taking place. Editors are looking to hire multi-media journalists and will research your online presence, so it's worth getting to know Storify.
  3. The 'create a story' page looks more complicated than it really is so don't be put off.
  4. Use hashtags to search for material about your topic, but don't forget to check your sources are reliable. If you're using twitter for example, look at the source's other tweets and profile in case you need to contact them. Be wary if there's an egg instead of a picture. Include images and video to add depth to your story.

    Once you start curating stories aim to get in on an active hashtag.  Start contributing smart, accurate material and the chances are you'll be picked up and included in someone’s Storify. This then becomes a way to establish an online presence and credibility.

  5. Check out this BBC site which discusses ideas and issues, not least 'Can curation increase creativity?' Also look at other curation sites such as
  6. When you've got the hang of the basics of Storify you can add more. Here's a quick demonstration on including tv clips. Have fun....
  7. Including Clips from Live TV into Your Storify Stories with SnappyTV
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