A man's guide to good living

Here at The Bakersfield Californian we aim to help you in all of your needs, and today we're focusing on things that men may struggle with.

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  1. There are a lot of things that men are allegedly good at, such as shaving, but in reality, men have trouble with a lot of these supposed basic things. For instance, shaving can be a real pain — literally and figuratively.

    In this article we want to show you some basic things that may be helpful and on occasion we will aggregate, curate and demonstrate these little life lessons that will appeal to your sense of style, comfort and curiosity. At least that is what we hope.

    Now for some of you out there, especially those who've grown up with OCD parents or who have served in our Armed Forces, these will seem like boring refreshers, but trust us there are some interesting tips in here that you may have not considered.

  2. SHAVINGYouTube is a powerful resource for just about anything including shaving. Here we see an example of a basic cut-throat wet shave. This is basically something you can't find in California (if you can holler) but if you feel the need to travel to another country — say England — then you'll be prepared to know what to expect.

    This video is also helpful on just basic techniques of taking care of your face — something most men don't do.

  3. How to perform a Basic Cut Throat Wet Shave
  4. IRONING A DRESS SHIRTThis is something that I'm horrible at, but this video, also from the UK, is a helpful exercise on how to look sharp without burning yourself, setting your house on fire or throwing the iron through the window.

  5. TM Lewin How To Iron A Shirt
  6. IRONING PART 2: The PantsAnother area of mystery is how to iron pants, and this is a pretty smart video, with step-by-step instruction, on how to make it work in an efficient manner. There are a few tricks here that I would have never thought of — like pulling out the pockets. OK take a look:

  7. How To Iron a Pair Of Pants
  8. SHINING SHOESThis video is helpful because this guy shines shoes that I wouldn't have considered shine worthy, but he explains it in a thoughtful way.

  9. How to polish your shoes
  10. COSMIC ENERGY HEAD RUBOk this is a weird one but if you ever need to give another human being a cosmic head rub — this is how you do it. Of course, it may help to do it in India:

  11. World's Greatest Head Massage
  12. THE WINDSOR KNOTI don't know about you, but I'm so-so at tying ties. This is a helpful instructional video, also from across the pond, that teaches you how to do the important duty of tying a Windsor Knot.

  13. How To Tie A Tie - Full Windsor Knot
  14. MAKING THE BEDNow there are two problems with this video: 1. dude is wearing white pants (when was the last time you wore white pants?); 2. it's a summer-time bed. However, it's still helpful and this guy is efficient, especially at those hospital corners, which I couldn't do to save my life.

  15. How To: Make The Perfect Bed (for summer)
  16. We hope you enjoyed our first edition of a Man's guide to good living, and join us for more editions later.