UCL Workshop on 'Barriers to Participation with Archaeology Online'

This UCL ACRN workshop was held on 22nd May at UCL Institute of Archaeology, and presentations were made by representatives from the Portable Antiquities Scheme, Archaeology Scotland, University of Edinburgh, English Heritage, UCL's Public Enagement Unit, and the UCL Institute of Archaeology.


  1. I wanted to try to include people unable to make the event on the day, so a Twitter hashtag & etherpad was set up, and Doug Rocks-Macqueen, one of the presenters, was kind enough to offer to video the presentations.  When the links are available to these, I will add them below.
  2. There was some anticipation!
  3. The full workshop programme can be found here:
  4. People were following the event online, which was good to know..
  5. The event was introduced by the UCL Archaeology and Communication Network (ACRN) Coordinator, Chiara Bonacchi, and I made a short introduction to the subject of Public Archaeology online.. then we were straight into the first paper, presented by Dan Patt, ICT Advisor from the Portable Antiquities Scheme. 
  6. Sadly, there were a few technical issues...
  7. Dan's presentation was titled "Sisyphus and the troll on the gate of the digital divide".
  8. Obviously, Dan had said that "back up" is the most important (speed-Tweeting is bad for spelling & grammar).  He outlined some of the good and bad methods of measuring success online