The battle for 2013 Comic-Con badges

Fans try to nab admission to the always sold-out pop culture extravaganza in San Diego

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  1. ComicCon ticket purchase site, please start working like you're supposed to...
  2. Back in the old days we didn’t have to walk up hill both ways in the middle of a snow storm to get ComicCon tickets. You just went onto the website whenever you pleased. Those were the days.
  3. Defeat, followed by grief...

  4. ...And possibly success.

  5. A victorious fan...

  6. OMG I'm going to ComicCon!!!
  7. A happy Comic-Con customer...

  8. Might as well go to WonderCon in Anaheim, guys. That'll be the closest thing to ComicCon you will be able to touch this year.
  9. Sense of humor prevails