1. When rumors surfaced on VentureBeat that a well-funded start-up, Color Labs, would be shutting down its business and content sharing apps, many thought the idea made sense, including tech writer Rob Pegoraro, and head of mobile for Radical Company, Stephen Mellish. 
  2. However, confusion remained about the fate of Color Labs.
  3. The company, its chief executive Bill Nguyen, and mobile-social apps had divided the tech and start-up world, as reflected by this exchange between developers Bradford Baris and Frank Denbow, and entrepreneurs Arjun Sethi (co-founder of MessageMe) and Ryan Esaki (founder of Ukelele Underground). 
  4. VentureWire spoke with Color Labs employees who said the company was not, in fact, shutting down.
  5. The founder of Red Sweater Software, Daniel Jalkut asked if the start-up's intellectual property may make it more valuable than its products.
  6. Digital storyteller Havard Ferstad asked if the patents were too broad to be enforceable, or worth anything. 
  7. Blogs including The Next Web surfaced new rumors that the one and only Apple "acquired" Color Labs. Mashable blogger Seth Fiegerman saw it as a win.
  8. A community lead for Instagram, Dan Toffey, wondered what an alleged acquisition would mean for Color Labs' investors. 
  9. The head of Human Resources in North America for Criteo expressed disdain...
  10. So did the founder of social apps builder Pagehub,  James Devonport, and the founder of FourBuckets, a digital consultancy Christopher Donohue.