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From Lurker to Wordle King in #moocmooc

one professors journey in #moocmooc land


  1. I've been interested in moocs. I love technology and its application in both my pedagogy and my field. I impress it upon students, and expand their horizons by utilizing it in courses. I love learning, and find I learn best in a Socratic, let's get together and chat, format. I like dialoguing with know.

    Sunday night, I popped in only as a lurker. I don't like that word. I like to think of myself more as a sniper or recon. Sounds more glorious. I watched some of the #moocmooc chat. Some people seemed to have a plan, others were riding the flow, and still others were treading water.  I was on the beach, mai-tai in hand.
  2. But Monday morning brought a renewed interest to see more. I've avoided GoogleDocs for a while now. I just don't want to spread myself too thin, a danger with technology. Too many tools to utilize, better a few things in depth and well, than many underutilized and of poor quality when utilized. Still, I Lurked around the Google docs. Watching others do it. Finally, yes, I'll tell all to my embarrassment, I figured, small steps... and I may one - only one, edit on the Google doc. I fixed a set of quotation within quotation marks. Two, one-character edits.  But my toes were in the water.
  3. Multiple thoughts were shared on the process, both the good and the challenging... and my toes now in the water... will likely cause me to wade in further into googledocs pool of glory. (start sharing your docs with me, digital educators, lol)

    Tuesday marked a full bore approach for me.  What was it?  What caused me to engage the community? A desire to be more active on Twitter and figure our the hashtags, replying, searching, following. The video project.  In addition to my Ph.D. in sport management, I have an MFA in film. Plus it featured a cool tool suggestion - xtranormal.  Why not broaden my knowledge. Others have been experiencing this same thing.
  4. Plus, when I woke up and drove to work in the morning (I get here at 6am in the dark), the first video I watched was @rosemarysewart 's. And who didn't love this young women's candid, simple approach to the assignment?
  5. Where Does Learning Happen? - for MOOC MOOC
  6. And this project really set her off into full-blown course engagement. Awesome.
  7. Still, I thought about another way, as did some others.
  8. Hey, just trying to help some youngsters out. You know, lunch money.
  9. But I finally jumped in and assembled my project with the new tool.
  10. The backchannel of university administration #moocmooc
  11. And found out that another person gave that tool a try as well. Sure, I was poking fun at administrative practices in higher ed, but also thinking about who "controls" learning... and where we learn... and cheating vs. collaboration... all good topics from the twitterverse #moocmooc chatting.