BMW LSO Open Air Classics, Trafalgar Square, 12 May 2012

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  1. It was wonderful! Thank you!
  2. Off to london see london symphony orchestra play, then food then drink and what ever may happen... Is London!
  3. Wonderful day in Brighton (saw the pavilion, pier, city, and chilled on the beach), saw a free concert by the London Symphony Orchestra in Trafalgar Square, and ate at Chipotle for the first time since December!
  4. Anyone up for London symphony orchestra in Trafalgar square tonight?
  5. Does anyone want to come to see the free outdoor concert by the London Symphony Orchestra in Trafalgar square tonight saturday the 12 th ? It starts at 6 30pm and they are playing Stravinsky. Nice day for it....
  6. I like that the lions are inside the stage dome. I wonder if any of the orchestra fancy playing from the top of one?
  7. Great concert this evening.Terrific atmosphere.All the pieces went down really well.Brave to do the Rite of Spring in an open air concert but it really worked.The encore was knockout Dance of the Knights which everyone recognised from The Apprentice!!.The only downside was that damm helicopter!!!.Valery Gergiev looked up in anger and rightly so!! Once again a fantastic evening with a fantastic performane my friends think the LSO are great!! Well done!