The art of a simple 'Thank You'

This is a collection of social media 'Thank You's' from charities and businesses alike. It's a powerful way to connect with your donors, supporters and customers and to thank them for their support. It needn't cost a fortune, and can even be as short as 6 seconds. Here are my favourites.....


  1. Sprout Social has baked a cake for their own staff member after one of their customers suggested they do so. Looks like a great place to work!
  2. Every year Open Fundraising gives their employees £1,000 to donate to a charity or charities of their choice. Paul de Gregorio gave some of his £1,000 to The Honeypot Charity- a charity which provides respite holidays to young carers and vulnerable children aged between 5 and 12. This is the amazing card Paul received from some of the kids he has helped.
  3. An AMAZING thank you video from Oxfam to their London Marathon 2013 runners. 
  4. London Marathon 2013: Thank you from Oxfam!
  5. Miss Thrifty  was so pleased with this Thank You letter she received from the British Heart Foundation, she wrote a blog post about it!
  6. The one we all know... charity :water CEO thanking 6 year old Mackenzie for 'giving up' his/her birthday to raise money for the charity. They have a whole YouTube channel dedicated to 'Thank You' videos
  7. Stuart Glen kindly let me share this handmade Christmas card he received from Childs i Foundation in December 2011 after signing up for a monthly direct debit. No flashy designer-made card, just a wonderful and personal card decorated by one of the children in Uganda that the charity helps and hand written by Childs i's CEO Lucy Buck
  8.  You can read more about how Childs i thanked Stuart in this guest blog post he wrote.
  9. A really emotional video from Child's i Foundation to thank supporters for raising over £10,000 in 38 hours to help save little Joey's life.
  10. Save Joey's Life: A MASSIVE Thank You
  11. Diabetes UK uses Vine to thank a fundraiser on Twitter
  12. Hi @Crawls18 - we made you a little video... Keep it going! #thankyou
  13. Diabetes UK also gives Twitter medals to fundraisers, which are really ace
  14. Great 'Thank You' Facebook cover photo when Dogs Trust reached 500,000 Likes
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  16. Great little personalised Vine from cancer charity Tenovus to thank people on Twitter signed up for a fundraising event.
  17. This weeks #vine to say thank you to our latest #goodnightwalk-ers!