The Harlem Shake Charity Dance Off

I spotted a tweet from Macmillan's CEO Ciaran Devane a few days ago about the Macmillan Fundraising team in Shipley being challenged to do the Harlem Shake for a donation....


  1. You can view the brilliant video here: 
  2. Macmillan Cancer Support Harlem Shake
  3. I then spotted a few days later the RNLI's tweet about their Harlem Shake...
  4. And you can watch their efforts here...
  5. The RNLI does the Harlem Shake
  6. So this left me with one question...Who does the Harlem Shake better? RNLI or Macmillan? There was only one way to find out!
  7. And that's where we have left it so this space folks.
  8. And so it begins... 
  9. RNLI thought some other charities should also get to compete so welcome...Mencap!