The charity sector does the #icebucketchallenge

It's the internet fundraising-sensation meme (love it or hate it) that's raised over £6 million and counting. Here are some charity sector bods getting involved by getting cold and wet for good causes.


  1. My favourite has to be Mark Astarita, Director of Fundraising at the British Red Cross, because he had to do it twice. (Top Tip: don't forget to press RECORD.)
  2. Danielle Atkinson, Head of Public Fundraising at Breast Cancer Campaign, takes part for MND Association:
  3. Here is Lynda Thomas, Director of Fundraising at Macmillan - very 'on brand'!:
  4. Lynda Thomas' very loud #icebucket challenge!
  5. Matthew Sherrington, Consultant and Third Sector columnist, took part after some persuading.... 
  6. CEO of the the Fundraising Standards Board, Alistair McLean has joined in and donated to the MNDA.
  7. FRSB CEO Alistair McLean's #icebucketchallenge | UK Fundraising
  8. Here's Nick Posford, Head of Fundraising at the Cardiomyopathy Association, NOT doing the ice bucket challenge... 
  9. Nick and the Ice Bucket Challenge
  10. Simon Scriver, Director at Total Fundraising, (nice hat) got in the spirit. 
  11. Even the CEO's are at it!
  12. Norbet Lieckfeldt, CEO of the British Stammering Association, got wet! You'll have to click to watch it on Vimeo...
  13. Norbert's Wet Wednesday
  14. Leading by example, Macmillan's CEO Ciaran Devane took a soaking. (If you remember #nomakeupselfie, Ciaran wore make-up for that too) 
  15. Ciarán Devane's Macmillan Ice Bucket Challenge
  16. Delighted to see John Barrett from the Small Charities Coalition (of which I am a Trustee) taking part and spreading his donation to three charities 
  17. Imogen Ward, CEO of Lessons for Life, took up the challenge after being nominated by Mark Astarita 
  18. Co-founders of JustGiving, Zarine and Anne-Marie give it a go: