Rape culture in up to 140 characters

Yesterday, Ched Evans, a footballer, was sentenced to five years in prison for raping a nineteen year old woman. This is what some people on Twitter had to say.


  1. The context of the prosecution was that the victim had gone with Evans' team-mate Clayton McDonald to a hotel, after they met at a nightclub.  McDonald then sent Evans a text saying he'd "got a bird" and Evans showed up with two other men, one of whom filmed the sex.  The woman woke up unable to recall what had happened, thinking her drink had been spiked, and complained that she had not consented to sex at all.  The jury acquitted McDonald, with whom the victim had apparently gone to the hotel willingly, but convicted Evans.  He has been given a five year sentence.
  2. If only you'd heard the actual facts, eh?
  3. Would the Ritz have been better? 
  4. If you willingly consent to sex with one man, you have NOT willingly consented to sex with all men everywhere. 
  5. Nope.  McDonald was acquitted; that doesn't actually mean that she lied.  And indeed her account was that she didn't recall giving consent to sex.
  6. Lack of consent IS rape. 
  7. "Silly bitch" is a particularly gross way to talk about a rape victim.  And fortunately, one of their mates filmed it.  I think if I was looking for a silly bitch, it'd be him.
  8. Gosh! (I am really quite worried by the number of people who didn't know that sex with someone without consent is actually rape.)
  9. Is that an admission?
  10. Oh, is this the RAPE rape trope? 
  11. Yeah... because getting raped and then remaining anonymous sounds like a fantastic way to do it.  Not.