#OpenDataHYD Story

Moments from #OpenDataHYD on 23 June 2011

bySrikanth Lakshmanan155 Views
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  1. I was just in time for the meet. Agenda here The initial panel was more on talking about why business's should embrace opendata. There were some interesting points by Ajay Kelkar but for that it was mostly business oriented, "How does business' gain out of opendata" type of discussion. There was bit too much focus on "analytics" and I tweeted out
  2. Then there was a presentation on OGPL (Opensource Project by NIC in collaboration with US, folks behind data.gov.in project) by people from NIC. It was quite interesting initially, a project with good intent supported by government.
  3. During the course of talk, I stumbled upon the code and tweeted this
  4. and was fun reading replies from friends
  5. During the session we were told how they want developers to do mashup, slide/dice the data sets including using Survey of India maps (which was when I felt they are having the usual disconnect between the govt orgs). Though I thought of asking about it during Q&A, refrained from it since I already had 2 other questions.

    I asked about localization of OGPL and the response was it will be available in Hindi in addition to English, though the code as I see now is no where close to be localizable. Then I asked if the OGPL project intends to develop data collection mechanisms (like ushahidi) and make the  datasets available for getting data about service delivery directly from people, the answer was not surprisingly NO. Though presenter liked the idea, but it was probably beyond them to take those decisions as governments across will always try to control data dissemination to only what those data that doesn't hurt the government. Questions around NDSAP popped up as well.
  6. We then broke for lunch and I met with @pavithrans (Debian Tee helped spot him) and couple of other Swecha guys had discussions about FOSS, openstreetmap, swecha's work, Wikipedia etc. I now also had a company + lift to head to Ubuntu release party in the evening :) My phone battery died and I could no longer tweet :(
  7. There were more talks post lunch. I was waiting for my slot so I could finish and rush to the other venue in another part of city. @pavithrans and me were wondered what part of UID is relevant to opendata and never got the answer, but was a good talk on data collection metrics :) Couple of other #facepalm moments as well.

    1. While the UID presentation was on, "Windows not genuine alert poped up". @pavithrans has got a pic as well. WTF ISB?  Why you no use free software (like Ubuntu :)) and embrace piracy? Had petty fights with your neighbor MSFT is it?

    2. One of the presenter mentioned something as a google developed standard while all it was in reality was a opensource project hosted on Google Code.
  8. Just before my talk @gshmueli talked about visualizing NSS data and had maps on screen. The NIC official was quick to jump during Q&A about how the map was "illegal" one. She replied that it was made from the only map data shape files which were available free. I shouted out Survey of India has to make the Map of India available free(both in license and cost) if they want people to even consider using their "legal" map. 
  9. Then I made this quick pitch as to why there should be more community opendata projects giving story of BusRoutes.In
  10. and then we left for another awesome event for the evening which needs its own story!. Thanks to those behind OpenDataCamp and ISB :)