Quality VS. speed

This was Twitter Scavenger Hunt (TSH), an assignment for a Multimedia class , Spring 2015 where me and my partner Shahd went around the AUC new campus to find answers for 10 questions with in a time frame of 75 minutes. It was really challenging job yet funny , creative and interesting.


  1. A night before and on this assignment day , most of our class expressed excitement and worry about this assignment via twitter.
  2. On my to the class, some nice indications for an energetic day faced me.
  3. It is Wednesday 4th of March, while waiting for Professor Kim Fox to come and post the instructions to go hunting. It was so funny to start an assignment ,which you have no clue what it is about so we decided to do a vine.
  4. Once the assignment got posted on Blackboard, my Partner Shahd and I read it fast and start the Hunt, but we decided that I should investigate answers and write quotes down to guarantee speed and Shahd should tweet to guarantee quality.
  5. We started by an introductory tweet.
  6. We hurried to the Mass Communication department to find an an answer for our first question. Dr.Naila Hamdy gave us a interesting quote. We had a problem fitting our first quote in a limit of 140 character only so we divided them into two quotes, but the rest of the tweets were fine.
  7. Heading to the Plaza, It seems that people have started to consider social media as their official source of news not only at AUC but allover the whole world.
  8. The variety of clubs at AUC grants it an edge over all other universities in a sense of enhancing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.
  9. Alex summarizes his sports life using a famous saying "No pain, no gain"
  10. Moving back to school, Theodore claimed that school spirit is like "All for one and one for all"