21Dec2012: Turning Point

From the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre to the NRAs day of infamy


  1. On 21Dec2012, one week after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the NRA held a press conference. In the week prior, there had been shock and quiet dialogue.
  2. This was part of the conversation in the week between the massacre and the news conference:
  3. And then the NRA spoke, signaling they would not be part of that dialogue. Many citizens were offended, insulted, and angry. I made a donation to the bradycampaign.org for the first time in my life.
  4. I'm still working out why I was so personally offended. I've always seen myself in a position to translate between the far right and the far left. I believe that when people move away from talking points toward talking from their own thoughts and experience they have something to talk about. The press conference represented the people of my rural, conservative cradle as untranslatable. As unhinged and dangerous. It hurt the conversation. It hurt people I care about.
  5. What were they saying?
  6. Was their information accurate?
  7. The snark started immediately.
  8. Meanwhile, the shooting continued.