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Few words about conceptual idea behind this personal webiste

  1. Evening view from Letna
    Evening view from Letna
  2. Because more often than I could assume I used to run into the need to link to some personal page on the Internet, and every time there was that head-crusher 'what does best represent me in given context' - Twitter profile? Instagram? Facebook page (God forbid)? - I decided to build this site in a way I did and on the place where it is now.
  3. Main idea is simple: let it maintain itself, or at least involve as little effort as possible, yet make it 1) light 2) responsive 3) free 4) well designed 5) complete 6) dynamic 7) manageable 8) simple 9) straight ...
  4. So following this logic, I realized it has to be hosted on GitHub (so I can work with it the way I work at my job - using Git that is; plus: it's free. And it gives kind of good aura to the whole project). Having it on GitHub, however, comes with a price: only html/css/javascript is supported. No blogging platforms, not even php header and footer. Ok, I said to myself, I don't need anything more that what it offers.
  5. I wanted it to be dead-simple, and now it has only two pages: Front page and About me page. the rest of the links from main navigation items are pointing to different services on the Internet where I have active profiles - Medium, Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram.
  6. Then I realized: this will be the project where I put in use all the goodies that Internet offers, from those services I mentioned, via Gulp, Git and free hosting, to free Bootstrap themes. I have to continue to do what I was doing anyway - creating content. The rest is on the free beautiful technology which works for me.
  7. So I have developed this site wire frame on Google sites, and here they are:
  8. And then I only had to find nice-looking Bootstrap theme ( I chose this one), set up project with Gulp and Git, and - here it is! Woo-hoo!
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