Critical Views of Vaxxed the Movie, Premiered April 1 2016

A 90 minute feature film that attempts to make the case against vaccine safety and efficacy.


  1. Rebecca Robbins is a a reporter for @statnews ( ), a national publication covering health and science. She wrote an explainer on the backstory: 
  2. Another, more thorough backgrounder on the CDC scientist William Thompson, Brian Hooker , his paper and its retraction, and the MMR vaccine can be found here: 
  3. Kolyin is Colin McRoberts, who had a long interview with Andrew Wakefield in February. You can read the interview, with Matt Carey's commentary, here: 
  4. Rebecca Robbins and Renee DiResta Live Tweeting the 11 am Showing
  5. Who did fund the making of "Vaxxed"? There are various reports of Wakefield raising money for this particular documentary, such as this one  and a similar report from I believe the same event: . He was at a small event in Orange County (CA) in May 2015: